Terms & Conditions

Money Back guarantee: 

All products should be tested before actual use, as explained in the disclaimer below. All products fall under our disclaimer, even if we have not mentioned it in the particular listing. However, if we accept to refund, it will be expected to ship back the material in the original packaging. In general, the customer pays for the return shipment, unless discussed otherwise.

Cost of Shipment: 

In most cases, especially for parcels, it will be "free shipping". In general, for larger quantities, we will quote shipments separately. If there is no mentioning of shipment expenses, the items will ship at the expense of the customer (FOB, our production site or warehousing site). Please always ask before making a purchasing decision.


All statements herein are expressions of opinion which we believe to be accurate and reliable, but are presented without guarantee or responsibility on our part. This information is to assist you in your endeavors and is subject to your own evaluation and confirmation as to the suitability for any specific purpose. Allendale Fibertech Corporation takes no responsibility for misuse of these products. Allendale Fibertech Corporation recommends testing before use.