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S1-Glass Chopped Fibers

Style S1-Glass Chopped Fibers


S1-Glass Chopped fibers are designed for reinforcement applications.

With a tensile modulus of up to 87 GPa, S1-Glass represents one of the highest values in the Glass fiber family. This allows for larger panels at the same weight or reduced weight at same panel dimensions.
50% higher tensile strength than E-Glass yarns allow for higher loadings.

10 x higher fatigue properties increase reliability of the end product.

Physical Properties:

Filament Diameter (mcm)                18

Density (y.p.p)                                    207

Seizing                                                 383, Expoxy Polyester Compatible

Length (inch)                                      ¼”, ½”, ¾”, 1”

Strand Tensile Strength (MPa)       3228 - 3337

Strand Tensile Modulus (GPa)       84 - 87

Bulk Glass Density (lb/          0.092

Glass Fiber Density (lb/         0.091

Softening Point (degrees F)            1825

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

(x10(-7) Degrees F)                          24

Boron Free

Recommended Uses: 

Blade Spar * Spall Liner * Pressure Tanks * Ballistic * High Temperature Reinforcements * Panels * Compression resistant containers * Leisure * Boat * Surfboard * Fiberglass Reinforcement Products (FRP) * Other


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