My Membership Options Page

This site is trying to focus as much as possible on Technical Textile products and related services. We therefore are very selective about who may be able to advertise or sell products on this Portal. This is to keep this focus and to avoid scams.

Following the benefits for a Premium - Member: 

  1. Your Logo: Your logo will be visible in certain areas within the webpage. The logo will direct the interested party to a welcome Page within this site.
  2. Welcome Page: You will receive space for a welcome page, which allows you to present yourself and your involvement with Technical Textiles. From there, the customer can also find a link to your webpage or perhaps to products you advertise on the shopping cart.
  3. Posts: Frequently, you can send posts about news, your products, technical information, videos, etc.
  4. Share: Share your cart with social Media
  5. Shopping Cart:
    1. You can build your own shopping cart within this Webpage with direct communication between you and your customer.
    2. This is very intuitive and for the most part straight forward.
    3. You can also cross link your shopping cart with your webpage.
    4. Our team will assist. Click here for more Shopping Cart info