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Basalt Mesh Fabrics

Mesh Fabric, made from Basalt fiber

As its preferred use is in outdoor applications, it is also considered to be a Geotextile.

Technically, not all meshes are woven; the first picture is a leno woven, but picture two, three & five are not woven;

Following advantages make this product superior over an E-Glass Mesh: 

  • Ecologically safe
  • Withstands very high temperature of molten asphalt
  • Very high strength and durability
  • Alkali-resistant and chemically inert
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Will not damage tires if exposed to road surface
  • 2.7 times lighter than metallic mesh, for easier handling and reduced transport costs
  • Up to 47% increase in asphalt surface life on roads and highways.

Basalt Geo-Mesh is also ideal for soil and embankment stabilization and land-fill coverings, due to its high strength and environmental and ecological safety.

Meshes can be offered with and without resin coatings.

Standard constructions:

5mm x 5mm (1/4″ x 1/4″) squares

10mm x 10 mm (3/8″ x 3/8″) squares

25mm x 25 mm (1″ x 1″) squares

50mm x 50 mm (2″ x 2″) squares

Additional Technical information:

Technical Data Sheet

Basalt Meshes

Window Sizes 5mm, 10mm, 25mm, 50mm


Window Size 5mm 10mm 25mm 50mm
Total Weight/ Area 220 grams/sq. meter 110 grams/sq. meter 350 grams/sq. meter 370 grams/sq. meter
6.5oz./sq. yard 3.85oz./sq. yard 10.26oz./ sq. yard 10.85oz./ sq. yard
Weight Resin Coating 20 grams/sq. meter 10 grams/sq. meter 36 grams/sq. meter 38 grams/sq. meter
0.7oz./sq. yard 0.35oz./sq. yard 1.3oz./sq. yard 1.35oz./sq. yard
Thickness 0.6-0.7 mm 0.6-0.7 mm .08-.09 mm .08-.09 mm
0.021-0.025 in. 0.021-0.025 in. 0.032-0.035 in. 0.032-0.035 in.
Maximum Load-Warp 48,000N/meter 24,000N/meter 80,780N/meter 114,000N/meter
3,290lb. force/ foot 1,645lb. force/ foot 8,483lb. force/ foot 7,813lb. force/ foot
Maximum Load-Weft 45,000N/meter 20,000N/meter 78,900N/meter 86,000N/meter
3,084lb. force/ foot 1,371lb. force/ foot 5,415lb. force/ foot 5,894lb. force/ foot
Elongation at break-Warp 6.67 % 6.67 % 6.67 % 6.67 %
Elongation at break-Weft 3.53 % 3.53 % 3.53 % 3.53 %
Breaking Elongation-Warp 13.54 mm 13.34 mm 13.34 mm 13.34 mm
0.53 inch 0.53 inch 0.53 inch 0.53 inch
Breaking Elongation-Weft 7.07 mm 7.07 mm 7.07 mm 7.07 mm
0.28 inch 0.28 inch 0.28 inch 0.28 inch
Standard Roll Dimensions 1 meter x50 meters 1 meter x50 meters 1 meter x50 meters 1 meter x50 meters
3.28 ft. x 164 ft. 3.28 ft. x 164 ft. 3.28 ft. x 164 ft. 3.28 ft. x 164 ft.

Different widths and roll lengths available on special order