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Basalt – Air texturized

Basalt fibers can be air-texturized

... more about the process of air-texturizing

Texturizing Basalt can be interesting from many points of views:

  • The texturizing process allows to blend basalt with other technical fibers, such as E-Glass, S-Glass, Carbon, Kevlar, etc. Those then can be woven, braided, knitted, chopped, etc.
  • The fiber becomes more bulky and can store more air between the filaments. This increases the insulation values
  • Texturized fabrics, braids, knitted goods etc, have increased abrasion resistances
  • In composite applications, it may alter the dry-time or wet-out time.

In many cases, the texturized basalt fiber will experience additional value added steps, therefore the

Aapplication ideas are: 

  • chopping
  • extrusion
  • braiding
  • knitting
  • knit braiding
  • twisting
  • weaving